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I have set up this website to help players improve to the level that will satisfy
them, whether this is to play better club tennis or advance to a serious level.

At whatever stage you are currently enjoying, there are a number of areas that
I believe are absolutely essential to be able to improve, and this applies equally
to other sports.

The areas we  will be addressing are shown in the links above one the left hand side.

It really does not matter as to whether you are a beginner, an intermediate player or a player at county level etc., each one of us can improve

You just have to decide where you want to go with your chosen sport, but lets make it clear – the higher you advance up the ladder of success,
the more dedicated you will have to be.

Dedication is not related to how good you become, but you will need to be dedicated to become good.

This point cannot be over stated as at whatever level to which you decide you Wish to raise your game, so the level of dedication will be raised.

It will be appreciated that we all have different ways in which we learn, whether it be from watching, listening or kinaesthetic, we will find that
we may need to put in a higher level of work than perhaps our collegue trying to achieve the same.

If you only wish to get better at playing at your local club, then it may be you will only need (initially) to improve your technical and tactical
skills. However, if you wish to advance any further (at whatever age or level of play) then you will need to look at all the aspects that are
covered in this training.

As far as is possible, the articles have been arranged in the order at which you should start, I am a firm believer that you cannot do anything I
n life (if it is worthwhile) without setting some goals – do not overlook the importance of this topic; it is not just for your tennis but for your life.

You can now proceed with your improvement plan, do it diligently and you will achieve much much more than you could have hoped for.

One point I would make at this stage, you really should find yourself a good coach and you will also need a good hitting partner, as you make

Good Luck in your endeavours.
(It has been said that’We make our own Luck’)