Tennis Articles.  
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                       Article   FT001    -      Hand-in-Hand with good footwork - goes good balance
Article   FT002     -       How good is your footwork? 
                       Article   FT003     -       Different footwork steps 
                       Article   FT004      -      The Split Step

                        Article GS701               The Elements of a Stroke.
                        Article GS702        -     The Power Shot
                        Article GS703         -     How the club player can hit a bigger forehand.
                        Article GS704         -     What are the benefits of a double handed backhand! 

Article  TC101     -     Controlling the centre of the court is the key to winning more points.
                        Article TC102      -      Do Your Players know the Court?  
                         Article TC103      -     Playing an opponent for the first time.
                         Article TC104       -    How do you end the point?  
                         Article TC105      -     Invariably hit the serve back cross court.
                         Article TC106      -    Why use Spin! 
                        Article TC107       -    Playing in windy conditions 
                         Article TC108       -    Playing tennis with a poor stroke
                         Article TC109        -   What can I do against a big hitter?
                         Article TC110       -    Sometimes it is necessary to buy some time on the court.
                         Article TC111       -    Use the soft slice to set up a passing shot or put away.
                         Article TC112       -    How to end the point.
                         Article TC113        -   Make the lesson warm up objective.
                         Article TC114        -   Start your match from the start of the warm-up 
                         Article TC115        -   Strategy general - Do your players know the court?.
                         Article TC116       -    Control the centre of the court.    
Article DT201       -    How to open up the middle of the court in doubles
                        Article DT202        -   Real Doubles Strategy for Real Doubles Players: The Look   By  Clint Brassel
                        Article DT203        -   Dealing with the high short ball in Doubles.
                        Article DT204        -   Isolation in Doubles Play
                        Article DT205        -  Two doubles questions
                        Article DT206        -   Doubles as played at the club.
                        Article DT207        -   Doubles Strategy  -  wwhen you are the server's or receiver's partner
                        Article DT208        -   Using the drop shot in doubles.
Article SV301        -    How to hold serve when you don't have a powerful serve
                         Article SV302       -    Down together, Up together.
                         Article SV303       -    Use your serve more effectively when playing matches.
                         Article SV304       -   Change your position to upset the server
                         Article SV305       -   Learn the slice serve

                       RETURN OF SERVE
Article RS401        -     Change your position to upset the server.    
            Article RS402        -    The Return of Serve - Basics

                       NET PLAY

                        Article NT901       -    Afraid to be at the net!
                         Article NT902      -   When should we move into the net!

                       SPECIALITY SHOTS.

                       Article SP5201       -   The Overhead (Smash)
                       Article SP5202       -   Help on acheiving a winning overhead,
                       Article SP5203       -   Why we should learn the drop shot  & the drop volley.
                       MENTAL TENNIS
                        Article MT7701    -  The right mindset to play a great game.

Article 6.big            -   Six costly mistakes tennis players make between points
Article MS601       - 
   What does it take to become a Tennis Coach?
Article MS602       -    Can you learn to play tennis from a book?
Article MS603       -    Dealing with errors.
                       Article MS604       -   Are you unrealistic in your expectations?
                       Article MS605       -    Practicing and playing on clay.
                       Article MS606       -    Can you beat a sports drink?
                       Article MS607       -    Practice make perfect !!  -  No.
                       Article CG6601   -    Do you feef correctly when you take a coaching lesson?
                       Article CG6602    -   Understanding the learning process.
                       Article CG6603    -   Feeding
                       Article CG6604    -   Coaching Juniors 

                       WARM - UPS
Article WU501    -    Start Your Match from the Start of the Warm-up
                       Article FS801     -
     You need to keep fit to play sport.
                       Article  FS802        -    Get fit for tennis
                       Article FS803         -     Fitness is paramount - Is it possible to workout at home!
                       Article FS804         -     How important is it to exercise regularly?
                       Article FS805         -     Do some exercise when you don't feel like it.
                       Article FS806         -     Choose the right fitness club for you.
                       Article FS807         -     Cross training for tennis.            .
                      JUNIOR TENNIS
                      Article JN901     -      Working on finding the contact point
                      Article JN902     -      Attention parents - Tennis is the best first Joe Dinoffer
                      SHORT TIPS
Article ST001    -     Various
                      Article ST002    -     Volley
                      Article ST003    -      Playing