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Learn how to feed more objectively.


I see many coaches feeding beautifully to their players, every feed is is in their strike zone etc. Etc.

Is this tennis specific? I don’t think so.

It does of course depend on the skill level of the students, but once they are able to produce the correct technique, then it is essential to
make the feeding more difficult, as would be received from an opponent.

One of the major faults I see is the pro feeding continually from the middle of the court just behind the service line.

It is essential to feed from multiple different places around the court so that the ball arrives at the student from different angles and places.

The other area that I believe is most important is the way the ball is fed.

The pro should use the different spins when feeding, topspin – slice – side spin etc.,

Plus different depths and also varying heights.

Mix it up, your players will thank you in the long run as their perception of the game will be greatly improved when they come up against
those tough opponents.

Your students will sometimes complain about the (in their mind – poor feeding) but explain that when they meet someone who is trying to
beat them, they will not be hitting nice easy shots for them to hit back, but will be doing everything possible to keep the ball in another
part of the court.

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