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                                                                               Two Doubles Questions

1/.  Who should serve first ?

2/.  Which side should you stand – Deuce or Ad. Court ?

1/. In general, the player with the best serve should serve first in doubles. That is because the best server may end up serving more times
in each set. You will have a better chance of winning, if the best server serves more times.

However, there may be times when yu want to change this format. Perhaps the better server need time to get warmed up by playing one
or two games, or perhaps likes a little more time to get accustomed to the play.

The wind and the sun on the side you are serving from also need to be taken into the equation. You should discus these things with your
partner before you start the match.

If you are playing a match and you overhear the opposition saying ‘Should I serve first or should you’ be happy about this it means they
don’t know much about one anothers abilities.

2/. You will partner players who

A/. Are left handed and who say therefore I should play on the Ad. Side

B/. Players who say ‘I have a poor backhand so I should play on the Deuce side’

Both ideas are basically flawed – much depends on your strengths and where you stand on the court – you can be equally effective on
both sides of the court in both the above instances; in fact players receive as many forehands in the Ad. Court as they do backhands.
The quesdtion here is the ability of the opponents and where THEY hit the ball.

The main question to answer, is who is the best player and to use this tactically. The major theory is that the best player should play in
the Ad. Court, they can catch up when their partner loses the point before them, but also their strength is being able to play most shots
that arrive on their side of the court

At the end of the day – if you have a regular partner and play matches, you will – between you – find the best configuration to suit your

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