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†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Doubles as played at the club.

The percentage of players who play one up Ė one back at clubs around the country is probably
in the range of 50%.

There are reasons for this method of play and a couple that come to mind immediately are

1/.† The server and receiver start at the back of the court and do not have the expertise to move
forward and when they do, they tend to get burnt by the opposition.

2/. The players play so much tennis in this configuration, they feel comfortable there and when
they occasionally get to the net, they are concerned about the lob.

Here is a play that will help the players become more aggressive when returning the serve.†


In diagram one. We will see that this ploy works best when the serve is coming to the deuce side of††††††
†the court. The returner player A lobs the ball over the head of the serverís partner Player D, as soon
as the returnerís partner †Player B sees the ball going over Player Dís head† they cross to the
returnerís side of the court and moves to the net. Player A meantime crosses to their partnerís
side of the court and positions themselves half way between the baseline and service line.

The players are now in the positions shown in diagram two. The server  player C has a difficult play,
if they go down the line  player B is there to put the ball away; if they lob crosscourt player player
A is there to hit an overhead to the side where player D is attempting to cover. If player C lobs back
over player B, player A can go back to the original side and hit a forehand or an overhead smash. 
Player Cís best choice is a sharp crosscourt angle but thatís difficult for most players  especially
off a high bouncing ball.



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