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                                                                           Using the drop shot in doubles 


A play which I like to do in a doubles match is to do a drop shot, across court so that it just lands in the tramlines, no more than 2 feet
from the net, but you must be ready for the opponents return especially if they are fast around the court.

Your partner will be on their side of the court ( see following illustration) and therefore they have few options open to them. The favourite
with good players is a return again cross court very close to the net.

You may be ready to cut this off, but tennis is a game of cunning and bluff; your opponent may take the risk that this is what you will do
and thus put the ball behind you as you run to that side.

I always counteract this possibility and go to the position shown in the illustration, and you will get no end of winners by cutting off the shot.

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