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Fitness is paramount – Is it possible to workout at home!       .

written by: John J. Hoskins.


Don’t you owe it to yourself to keep fit and active and to live a healthy lifestyle! It is all too easy to put off doing something about the
state of your body, I’ll start tomorrow is so easy and even with good intentions – tomorrow never comes.

If you want to do anything in this life, you must have a purpose, just get out and do it. You will benefit in both body and mind.


In this article we are going to look at, whether it is possible to get fit and maintain a level of fitness, solely working from home and how
much work it is necessary to do this.


It is often pointed out that there are ample opportunities to maintain a healthy lifestyle just by doing everyday things such as, digging
the garden, doing the housework, going for a walk etc., etc.
Whilst it is true such exercise will benefit the participant, it is not the complete
answer, due to two main reasons.


1/. These do not necessarily work on all parts of the body.

2/. With some exercises, such as walking, the body very quickly comes to terms with a regular routine, and it will be doing you some
      good, the body needs to be put under a little extra pressure.


One of the reasons many people do not do regular exercise is the time factor; going to the gym can take time out of the day, can be a
little monotonous and needs to be done regularly on top of which it can become quite an expense if done on a regular basis.


I am a firm believer in under taking a sport and without doubt one of the sports that can be done for a lifetime is tennis, as also is golf,
although the latter can eat up a half a day just for one round. However, we have a saying in tennis ‘You don’t play tennis to keep fit, you
need to keep fit to play tennis’. It depends on how you play!


One of the most important things when considering your programme for fitness, is to make sure it will work on all muscle groups, that it
is a recognized method of getting and keeping fit and that it is progressive and you will benefit from an increasing workout. The programme
should also be such that it does not take up too much time and can be performed each day to suit your lifestyle.


Research what is available for yourself and with the Internet available, this is made very easy. However, if you would like to look further
at the workout programme recommended by the writer and which fits all of these criteria, do visit our websites:.