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How important is it too exercise regularly!†††††† .

written by: John J. Hoskins.

The western world is faced with ever increasing signs of people becoming obese; this is brought about by an ever changing lifestyle.

Due to the ever increasing cost of living, people seek to earn more money in order to stand still and the pace of life becomes faster and faster. This
creates a situation where they snatch meals and in particular meals of junk food, and when they arrive home in the evening they drop into an easy
chair and watch the T.V.

In addition there is the tendency for people to become lazy, taking the easy way out, again by visiting the local burger bar and watching more Television,
as the number of programmes increase year by year.

This concept, favoured by many adults, then is disseminated to their children and we are therefore encouraging a new generation of couch potatoes,
and so the circle widens.

To add to the down turn, there is less activity in schools than years ago, when teachers and parents used to volunteer time in the evenings to do sport
with pupils.

This brings us to the question, as to whether we should exercise regularly and also what type of exercise should we do!

There is no doubt in my mind that some form of exercise is of paramount importance in maintaining a healthy life and there are numerous forms of
achieving this, in fact, everyone could find a suitable system, if they were of a mind to improve their fitness.

Additionally, it does not necessarily take a lot of time, if they were to research what is available. With the Internet now a big part of our life, it is far
simpler to find out about such things, than it was 20 years ago.

What form of exercise should we be looking at?

The first point to consider is how healthy you are at this point in time, and it would be advisable, if you are uncertain, to have a word with your health
practitioner, before considering the route to take.

Even so, whatever you decide to do, it is wise to undertake a very easy entry route into physical exercise. It is also quite easy to find a routine that
only takes 7 Ė10 minutes each day (surely time that is available to everyone at a convenient time during the day). Do visit my website to find out about
this method.

Once you have decided that you want to become fitter and healthier and have embarked on a simple programme, and then it is wise to think about the
next stage!

This will obviously depend on your age and your overall body condition.

Maybe you will want to join a fitness gym, you will certainly receive expert advice and tuition, but perhaps walking for 20 minutes on a treadmill etc.,
does not appeal to you. Perhaps you will look at taking up a sport that you did at school! I get many new people to coach at my tennis classes, people
who did this at school, and this is an excellent way to get back into the sport for a lifetime, and one that you can perform at various levels.

The added advantage of taking up a sport, such as tennis, is that you can join a club and meet many new people, who will make your participation much
more enjoyable, you will make lots of new friends.

Make certain, whatever you decide to do, that the club is not elitist and that everyone can partake, irrespective of ability.

Other easy forms of exercise, which are equally rewarding, are walking and hiking; find a local group who go on guided walks etc., Join a swimming
club, this again is one of the best forms of workout; if you canít swim and feel a little embarrassed, seek private lessons, an understanding coach will
arrange these at of peek times.

Lastly, but not least, there are forms of exercise that we can all do if we put our mind to it; take up an allotment, digging is a great form of exercise,
providing you donít over do it initially, and the rewards of your own produce makes it very worthwhile.

Even doing the housework, vacuuming etc., is better than nothing.

I have exercised my whole life and I am a fit†80 years young.

It is extremely important to make a change and start regular exercise Ė get to it!