Do some exercise when you don't feel†like it.††††† .

written by: John J. Hoskins.

Feeling Under the weather and not up to par, having one of your off days!

Then go out and do some exercise, the worst thing you can do is sit at home and mope. You need to get the blood circling in your veins,
you will be amazed at the difference a little exercise will do.


How easy it is, to say ĎI donít feel like doing anything at the momentí or for one reason or another, you feel a little under the weather, a little depressed
or just lazy and donít want to exert yourself!


We all get these feeling occasionally, no matter how fit we are and the worse thing to do is to collapse into a chair and say to yourself ĎI donít feel like
doing anythingí Your body and mind will take notice of your negative thoughts and feelings and will magnify these, making you feel even worse.


The best thing you can do, is to undertake some moderate exercise, or if you are a relatively fit person, some more vigorous workout. Any time I feel
jaded or down in the mouth, I go out and play a good hours, hard tennis, and I come of the tennis court feeling I can take on anyone.


You see, what you need to do is to get the blood flowing freely round the body system thus increasing the oxygen intake and get the adrenalin going.
Not only are you working on the problem faced at the moment but you are also building your body functions for the future. A little exercise daily will
over a period do you much more good, than going out once a week for vigorous exercise.


If you really wish to improve your fitness, then there are very specific ways of achieving this, start off for the first month in an easy way, and then
gradually increase the intensity and put the body under some tension. It is, however, advisable, to get expert advice as there are important ways to
proceed; my home fitness method goes into the correct way to achieve this.


Here are some methods of doing moderate exercise in your daily routine.


  1. Use the household chores as a means of exercise. Doing the garden, raking leaves, hoeing borders and vegetables, mowing the lawn, vacuuming the house, washing the car. Put some extra effort into do these regular chores and you will burn some calories and work on those muscles, even if in only a small way.

    2    Do some walking each day in your locality, local park or if necessary around the houses, itís better than nothing at all. Why not get a dog; you will
           have to take it out for a walk every day. Maybe there is a great area near you that you can enjoy visiting and exploring. Take the family with you,
           conversation whilst walking or even a light jog, will take your mind off the effort needed. It will also be most healthy for you all, out in the fresh air;
           take some full lungs of deep breath, stop occasionally and do some correct breathing, into your stomach and expel all the stale air; do the breathing
           to a count of eight, both in and out.


  1. Take up some form of sport; it is not necessary to do too much to start with, play football with the kids, go to the local recreation park for some easy tennis, or join a local club (can be great fun), find a badminton club, visit your local leisure center. There is no reason what so ever, in this modern world, not to be able to find a leisure center near you; they offer a wide range of pursuits including swimming.


  1. Exercise at home; with my home fitness programme, you do not need any equipment and you can succeed in maximum 10 minutes a day.


You will be surprised what a difference a daily workout will do for you, both physically and mentally, and it only needs to be a short stint on a regular
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