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Choose the right fitness club for you      .

written by: John J. Hoskins.

You have decided you want to get fit again or perhaps have just moved to a new area and you want to carry on using fitness machines.


There are a number of considerations once you start looking for a club, but it is a good idea to be clear before hand as to what you are looking for. 
There are a number of different choices and you should take your time to find the one that meets your requirements.


Your first move should be to find out details of all of the clubs in your area; you can look in the yellow pages, but keep in mind that all clubs do not
necessarily have their details in there. Contact your local council, they usually have a list in the sports and recreation department, check the local
newspapers and finally, check on the Internet. You still might not have details of all the clubs, so also ask people around you, your local shops etc.,


Now you are ready to investigate by visiting each in turn and the following are points for consideration.


1/. The location.


This is one of your first check points to make sure the club is not too far from you, if it is, it could be an excuse to not go on a particularly wet night and
that leads to another missed visit etc., Find a club as close to home as is possible, taking other points into account.


2/. Meet the employees.


You will probably be met by the head instructor or even a secretary, make certain that you meet the actual person who will be your regular instructor.
Are they a certified professional and do you get on well with them; often first impressions are important, you don’t want to work with someone you
cannot stand. Check the age of your instructor as this may have an affect on your motivation and work rate. If you have any physical limitations, this
is the time to raise them, are they suitably qualified to handle them.


Is everyone helpful – cheerful – friendly and professional? It will make a heck of a difference to your visits.


3/. What type of establishment?


There are different sizes of fitness clubs and this is an important aspect to consider.

Is the fitness club a small private club?

Is it a Women’s or men’s only club?

Is it part of a large leisure center and if so can you use the other facilities for no extra cost, (swimming pool) or if not what are the extras.

Is the club privately owned or part of a group?

Do they offer other facilities – dietician – physical therapists – social events etc.,


4/. Check out the type of programmes offered.


Ask them for a copy of their schedule, do they offer group classes! Are these at specific times and do they fit in with your own needs. If you have
children – do they have a crcche?


The fitness club is also an opportunity to socialize, see if you can go to a session before joining, other members could eventually become your friends.

5/. Are the facilities and machines well maintained and covering all requirements?


Will the machines you need to work on available all of the time, is there sufficient machines and are they in a good condition and safe working order!

Is the whole place spic & span with no objects that could cause accidents?


6/. What is the cost to join and is there any additions.


It is important to obtain their tariff to make sure there are no hidden extras. Do they have any discounts or promotions, and do they offer other services
for an extra cost.

How long has the club been in existence and how often have they increased their charges.


7/. Check them all out.


Before making a decision, make sure you have thoroughly checked them all, don’t rush into things, you want somewhere you are going to be happy and
where you will be able to fulfill your fitness regime.


Try to find out from others, what they think about the club, get some feedback from the members.


When you have made your choice, make sure you use the club on a regular basis, you don’t want to have to restart again after missing some visits.

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