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The 'Power Shot' is the most misunderstood shot in the game. When players think of the 'power shot' they imagine a ball being hit at
100 mph, but a real power shot is a shot that continually wins points, or turns the point around in your direction and thus keeps you
in control of the point.

The key to acheiving a power shot, is to go for it when the real opportunity arises. At all times - stay basic KISS Keep It Simple Stupid.
No offence meant!


Do not try to hit shot with power that you are not trained to execute. Don’t try to do too much.

Never take an approach shot and only half hit it, always try to hit it crisp and to place it. Hit it low and harder.

You will probably have to make your first volley at the ‘T’; you only have a 50% chance of winning their point at that stage, try to
get your next volley about 3 feet (1 metre) from the net and you have a 90% chance to win the point.

The more you hit through a power shot, the great chance you have of keeping the swing correct.

When you practice, spend a significant amount of your time on your power shot. Don’t just practice your weaknesses,  don’t forget
the power shot wins your matches.

When you volley keep moving forward, don’t hit the first volley and stand admiring and watch it.

The smart player always gives their opponent more chances to make an error than they give themselves. Always ensure you clear
the net.

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