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How the club player can hit a bigger forehand.

The forehand stroke has changed in recent years and there are three main reasons for this evolution.

1/.  The modern hi-tech racquets are lighter, stiffer and therefore more powerful. They do have larger heads and this enables players to
      put more topspin on the ball which gives a more consistent hit.

2/. Court surfaces have changed and most players play on hard courts or clay courts, these give a more consistent bounce allowing a player 
     to take a harder swing.

3/. Todays players are much more athletic, they are bigger stronger and better trained than years gone by. They are hitting with more power
      and therefore changing their stroke to control this power.

The club player who wants to add more power to their game should not try to make rradical to their forehands, they should instead, apply
some basic principles of the modern forehand to gradually develop a more powerful stroke.

Starting with the grip.

The trend is to change the grip from the traditional continental or Eastern forehand to a semi-western grip and even the full western.

The club player can experiment by gradually moving the racquet handle towards an extreme eastern or semi-western grip, find out what
you feel is comfortable. This will enable the player to hit balls that are arriving at a much higher position and to put extra power on those


The more you move your grip towards the semi-western, the more you will need to open your stance for maximum power. The player 
 should get a good coil (rotation) of the upper body as they prepare for the ball.


As you begin to hit the ball with more racquet head speed, it will be impossible to stop the racquet head from wrapping round the neck.

The club player should not try to restrict the follow through, relax the arm on the follow through (release the racquet) and let it finish right
round the neck.


Make sure your knees are bent and relaxed in preparation for the stroke. As you start to accelerate the racquet forward , push up with
the legs into the shot to give more power.

With the modern forehand. The hips and shoulders will open up to face the net earlier in the swing pattern. You may have a tendency to
turn your head on the hit, instead try to ensure you keep your head still and focused on the hitting zone.

The emphasise should be on, gradually changing and get familiar with the changes before moving forward.

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