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What are the benefits of a double handed backhand !.

There are three main benefits in using the Double Handed Backhand.

1/. Strength

2/. Control

3/. Disguise

Letís look at the advantages these have from a technical aspect.

Taking the ball early and hitting on the rise.

In the use of two hands, this gives the player greater strength and allows them to be more consist in their hitting and also having better

There are several advantages

Hitting the ball on the rise takes the time away from the opponent.

Hitting the ball deep opens up the court and creats better angles, running your opponent round the court.

By hitting early enables the player to generate more pace on the ball.

By being aggressive it is easier to intimidate the opponent.

The aggressive return can be used very effectively on the opponentís second serve, If you review the leading pros, it is noticeable that
they move into the ball and eliminate the angles being created.

Returning a First Serve.

Generally at club level play, the tendency is to either hit a slice backhand return or to just block the ball back and these create a more
neutral return. By using a double handed backhand return there is more strength available and this helps deflect a fast incoming serve,
thus turning it into an aggressive return.

High and Wide Balls

Again, at club level, many players struggle with these types of balls, when using a single handed backhand.

By the use of a double handed backhand, more strength is available and this enables the player to hit up and across the ball at shoulder
height, especially beneficial for juniors.

Am I recommending the double handed backhand!

No, it is my belief that as coaches we should teach our players a wide range of shots and find out which suit them the best; as coaches
we should certainly know the functions and advantages of all the different strokes available and then provide our clients an all round
strong and successful game.

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