Article  MS604
                                                          ARE YOU UNREALISTIC IN YOUR EXPECTATIONS 


You want to improve your game, to improve your strokes, but, in many instances we expect too much, too quickly. One, 1 hour
lesson a week is insufficient to enable you to make rapid progress with whatever you decide to do.

It is a recognised fact that:

1/.  You can only remember 1 or maximum 2 points at any time, an yet we receive so much information and detail in a simple
lesson like the forehand; it invariably does not stick and what happens! Next week you want to learn a different stroke.

2/.  The memory retains about 5% of what we are taught – however, each of us learn in different ways; very few of us learn by
hearing it told to us, more learn by seeing something being performed, but most learn from actually doing the action. But, what
happens in many cases – the pro does a heck of a lot of explaining and talking – much of which is wasted.

There are a number of talented individuals who will pick up the stroke etc., quite quickly, but for the majority of ordinary mortals,
the process can be quite challenging.

The most likely initial result, as one implements a change, is a decline in success. To put this into context, Greg Rusedski  changed
his service action and then went out and served a 1000 balls to embed it in his muscle memory.

Realistically, one should only expect substantial improvement by a lot of practice of the change made; the long term improvement
should be seen as the best chance to make changes. If you can afford either two lesson a week minimum or one lesson and one
practice period, you are doubling your chance to get on more quickly.

The most important point in all of this, is to want to learn the best way to play the wonderful game of tennis, to the very best of
your ability, but it does take time.