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                                                                             Practice makes perfect !!  -  No.  

                                                                             PERFECT PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.

When we watch world class players at a Grand Slam – ATP or WTA event or on the television, they make the sport at which they
excel seem unhurried, effortless and simple. Regretably, our own attempts to copy the top players generally meets with limited
results whether we are a beginner or advanced player.

We have shared their moments of glory on the tennis court, but have not shared the hours and years of dedicated practice that
they have put in and that has projected them to the top of their profession.

A top player in another sport once said when being accused of being fortunate in winning a match, “the more I practice the luckier
I get”. If we want to be lucky and win more tennis matches then we will need to study the way we practice. But it is of no use just
to go out on the tennis court and blindly practice without purpose. I am dismayed by the number of players who start off a rally
just hitting the ball casually out of their hand. I tell all of my pupils that even when putting the ball into play in a practice, they
should be hitting it exactly the way they want to hit it in a match. Your sub-consious will take into the memory, all of the bad
practice that you put in front of it.

I will be dealing in more detail on the subject of practice in future newsletters.

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