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                                                                           The right mindset to play a great game

Approaching the match with positive thinking can make a big difference to your play.

Start off by smiling!  It takes fewer muscles to smile, it can increase your confidence and a relaxed jaw has proven to increase your energy

Plus you are playing the game you love!

You also want to expect mistakes because you will make them.

If you can recover quickly and positively from a mistake, you will probably not lose any momentum or any more points.  After a mistake,
have some sort of closure, like snapping your
fingers or taking a slow deep breath?  The pros walk to the back of the court adjusting their
strings, this will help you forget about the mistake - Focus on the point to come.

You are now ready to play the next point and you have the right mindset to play a great match!

  Do this when you win a point.

If you win a point from your opponent whenthey miss a shot, give them another opportunity to miss that same shot.

For example; if you hit an approach shot to their backhand and they miss an attempted pass, keep this in mind on your next approach.

After one or two similar errors it is easy to lose confidence in a particular shot, so try to exploit that weakness.

In addition, look for patterns that might develop with your opponent.

Do they hit their forehand crooscourt or play second serves to your backhand?

Using these tactics can give you an edge to play better tennis and beat those opponents.

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