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                                                                                     The Overhead (Smash)

I prefer, when teaching youngsters, to call this shot ‘An Overhead’ as Smash gives the impression you should hit the ball as hard as you
can. This often leads to mistakes with the ball ending up in the net or way out of court.

The Grip.  Use your normail service grip, i.e. the Chopper’ grip or the correct name ‘Continental’ grip

The overhead is an exciting shot that should end up as a winner. It is similar to the serve, but with an abbreviated raising of the racquet
and swing.

Some Golden rules of the Overhead:

1/. Turn sideways (this is imperative) and move backwards or forwards fast with overlapping skip steps.

2/. Point with the non-playing hand to help judge distance and to get the shoulder down.

3/.Throw the racquet head at the ball.

4/. Jump to meet the ball, whenever possible, to achieve maximum height.

5/. Place the ball rather than just hitting it as hard as you can, just apply enough pressure to get the job done.

6/. As always – Keep your eye on the ball.

7/. Recover promptly after the hit, the ball may still come back.