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                                                              Why we should learn the drop shot & the drop volley.

These shots, having been rather neglected in recent times are now making a come-back in the pro game and surely we should take note and learn to
execute a good dro; shot or drop volley.

Can we do this shot from any part of the court? The answer is Yes, but there are specific places where it is more effective and easier to execute with
a greater chance of success. Personally, I have always used the drop shot from everywhere and it can be a wainner if done from three quarter court
for the reasons mentioned below.

The obvious place to hit the ball is at an angle cross court as this will go over a lower part of the net. It is important that the ball is kept as close to the
net as is possible and that it does not stand up when landing.

Another most important point, is to not do this shot too often, you want to take your opponent by surprise

The salient points:

The Drop Shot:

1/. Why is it important?

1.       Exposes opponent’s weakness – example – prefers to play on the baseline.

2.       Keeps the opponent off balance.

3.       Increases the effectiveness of the groundstrokes.

2/. When to Execute!

1.       When the opponent is too far behind the baseline.

2.       When a momentum changes is needed in long rallies.

3.       When the opponent shows weak forward movement.

4.       When returning a mid-court shot.

3/. What to expect.

1.       Angled drop shot return

2.       Drive down the line.

Now the Drop Volley:

1/.  Why is it important?

1.       It keeps the opponent off balance

2.       It forces the opponent to hit up.

3.       It exposes opponent’s lack of readiness and lack of ability to move quickly.

4.       It opens up the court

5.       It makes deep volleys more effective.

2/. When should it be executed?

1.       When opponent is too far behind the baseleine.

2.       When opponents is pulled wide off the court.

3.       When the opponent shows weak forward movement

4.       Hit it in combination with deep, driving volleys

What to expect in return?

1.       A defensive lob return

2.       An angled drop shot return (note that better players will angle the ball) back over the lower centre of the net.

3.       A return at the body.

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