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Change your position to upset the server.

Generally the server dictates how a point is to be played by the receiver, so why not change the situation to enable you to gain the advantage. If you
change your position as receiver, this will start to make the server think more about where they are sending the ball and this will put more tension on
them and upset their rhythm.

Here are some of the options open to you:

A/. If you move further back to receive the ball, there is a good chance the server will try to serve harder, and this will give you more time to move
towards the ball and create a better return.

B/. Make the server serve more to your favoured stroke by moving either to the left or the right. Mix it up.

C/. When the server goes to place the ball up, move your  position so that the serve comes to your favourite side.

D/. Move in closer than you usually do, towards the service line and then block the ball back, and therefore taking time away from the opponent/s.
The server may then try to hit a harder serve and this will introduce more errors.

E/. Start by getting in closer to take the serve, but as the server places the ball up, move back to the baseline, do a split step and be ready control
the return back.

Donít let the server dominate you. Try to give the server the impression that you are in charge and get more quality returns going back.

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