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How do you end the point ?.

Do you hope that your opponent is going to make a mistake, just because you are not sure how to do it yourself!

Lots of club players wait and play safe in the anticipation that their opponent will make an error; O.K. that can work for some of the
time but you also need to have a plan that permits you to win the point most of the time.

You need to look at your game, if possible with a coach, to see what are your best strokes, those you feel most comfortable with and
how to hit them more often. Next you need to look at your opponent, and sum up their strengths and weaknesses. Whilst you donít
particularly want to change your game you can win important points by playing against your opponentís weaknesses .

You cannot sit back and wait for your opponent to make mistakes, try being a little more aggressive and here are some pointers to help.

1/.  Hit an offensive shot and be ready to move forward to attack those defensive returns. It is worthwhile, during practice sessions to
try and be more aggressive.

2/.  Move the ball around. This can be achieved by utilising a variety of spins, angles and depths. Keep your opponent moving from side
to side and when the chance arises hit your weapon.

3/. Attack the short ball and keep moving towards the net.

4/. Occasionally change your normal playing style by using the occasional drop shot, the chip and charge (not used much in the modern
game), a big return against a big serve, sneak to the net. Having said this, be realistic and donít try to out gun them  at their own strengths.

The one major factor that will assist you in winning points is playing consistently and I am not just talking about keeping the ball in play Ė
be consistent in every area of your play and when you get the opportunity, do some attacking.

It is possible to finish the point from tghe baseline, the middle of the court or at the net, you must be alert to the chances presented.

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