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In general you should practice hitting the majority of your returns back crosscourt. You should notice that you will be getting far more
of your returns back into play.

The reasons:
1/.  It is more natural and therefore easier to hit the ball back crosscourt from both the forehand and backhand sides.
2/.  Not only is the distance to the baseline longer, you will be hitting the ball over the lowest part of the net.
3/.  A key element of breaking your opponent's serve, is getting the ball back into play; and hopefully well enough that they do not have
an easy return themselves.

Take the time to watch some of the pros playing, you will find they have pattern of shots, and in both singles and particularly doubles,
the return will be made crosscourt.

At club level, it is much more difficult to put the serve back down the line and should only be attempted when the ball is in your strike
zone and sitting up, and at a reasonable pace. You will see many return go out
of court, because the player tries to change direction on
a ball that has a lot of pace on it.

By hitting the ball back cross court, you will not have to think about this, it will become natural and give you the chance to take control
of the point. There are in all games a difficult situation in trying to break
the opponent's serve, so give yourself more opportunities to
feature in the point, you only need to break
their serve once in each set and you are on your way to winning matches.

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