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Playing in Windy Conditions  .

There are a number of factors involved when it is necessary to play in windy conditions. Four of the main areas are:

The wind is behind you

The wind is against you

The wind is variable & unpredictable

The wind is cross-court.

Many players will cancel their practice when the wind is high but this is the opportunity to go out and use the time to the benefit of
your game in the future. At some time in the future you will have to play in windy conditions and any practice you do will be a just reward.

You may not enjoy your practice in the normal way but you cannot give this a miss, if you want to be a winner.

Today we are looking at practice in a cross wind and using this to your advantage.

See diagram.

Player A plays a cross court forehand (1)

Player B hits a short forehand (2)

Player A hits a cross court bacjhand approach shot (3)

Player B hits a down the line bacjhand passing shot (4)

Player B aims his passing shot into the tramlines allowing the wind to force the ball back into the court.

Repeat on other side adapting the wind from the opposite direction.



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