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Playing tennis with a poor stroke  .

You are about to play a tennis match but one of your strokes is, to your mind, not up to scratch, perhaps it is due to bad technique, perhaps
you have not put sufficient practice in on the stroke. We are all guilty on that one; it is much easier to put the most practice in on your
main weapon.

The stroke that is not up to the mark could be your forehand, backhand or even your serve, What should you do!

The answer is to copy the pros and go with what you have got, donít start focusing on what you havenít got, that is the end of the road.
You just make the most of the strokes available at the time. A tennis match is not the time to start stressing about what does not work,
the pros get on with the match and try to use their better shots as much as possible.

No player, even the pros, are perfect and some pros have weaknesses such as not being very good at volleying, but they will still take the
shot if there is no alternative. You haver to play like a pro and just get on with the match, itís not the time to start experimenting.

It takes time and hitting a lot of balls to improve or change a stroke, you will need to spend time in your practice sessions to change or
improve and it could be a good idea to get a professional coach involved to point you in the right direction.

Greg Rusedski had to change his service motion to eliminate injury and went out and served hundreds of balls in order to grove the new serve,

Born Bjorg had an ordinary serve when appearing on the scene, but did he change it during matches? No!

During his practice sessions he worked on improving his serve, he made the best of what he had, relying on his other weapons but after a
year he came back with a much improved serve.

If you get the message, you will play to the best of your ability and go off to hit hundreds of balls and bring your play up to the next level. 

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