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                                                                      What can I do against a big hitter?

Big hitter who just crunch the ball can be very intimidating to play against; they endeavour to take the offensive in every point and the first
chance they get, they will step up and crush the ball. Whilst some player hit the ball very hard and hit more winners than other players
there are ways to lessen the impact.

The first thing needed is to make it difficult for them to tee off the ball. The big hitter loves to crush short serves it is important to try and
keep your serves deep, particularly your first serve, secondly to occasionally aim the ball down the middle, this leaves the opponent a small
angle in which to return.

When rallying from the baseline, try to keep the ball away from their strike zone by alternating slice shots that stay low and short and topspin
that bounces up high and deep.

The second tactic has two aspects to it: First you should try to get as many balls back as possible, big hitters are liable to miss if you force
them to hit three or four shots in a row. At the same time, you donít want to let them dictate the points, where you are chasing the ball from
side to side. Try to take control of the points as well by being aggressive when you receive a short ball. If you take control the big hitter
will feel the pressure, will overhit and make errors.

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