Article  TC110                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

                                                       Sometimes it is necessary to buy some time on the court?

When you are caught deep behind the baseline, the percentages are stacked against you, if you try to return the ball low over the net.
Chances are that the opponents have moved into the net for an easy pick off of your weak return.

The main option open to you in this situation is to put up a defensive lob ; this can be off your forehand or backhand. The object is to put
the ball high into the air to buy some time. You are not trying to win the point, this lobís job is to allow to work your way back into the point.

The defensive lob gives you the extra seconds needed to regain a position on the court and therefore back in the point.

Your opponent might well miss an overhead when it is very deep , their smash might be weak thus giving you the opportunity to seize the
initiative on the next shot.

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