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                                                                     How to end the point. 


How do you end a point? Do you wait and hope your opponent makes a mistake, because you don’t know how to finish
the point yourself.

Many players just wait for their opponent to miss and certainly this works some of the time, but you do need to have a plan
that leads you to win the points more often than not.

So what do we do!  First off we need to look at our own game either with your pro or the next best thing – by yourself.

You must ask yourself, what strokes do you feel comfortable with and how can you hit them more often.

Then, if you get the chance, and if you are serious, you will make sure you do, and that is to study your opponent. Ask yourself,
what are their strengths and weaknesses.

You do not want to change your game, but you can win more points, particularly key ones, by playing your your opponent’s
weaknesses and avoiding their strengths.

You need to be more aggressive, at least part of the time in the following manner.

1/. Hit an offensive shot and be prepared to move forward to attack a defensive return.

2/. Move the ball around and therefore your opponent by using a mixture of depth, angles and different spins. Then when
     the opportunity arises from this tactic and your in the right position – hit with your best weapon.

3/. Attack the right short balls and keep moving in to the net.  I say the ‘right’ short balls, because you cannot necessarily
      attack every short ball – it depends where they are in the court and how they have been hit by your opponent.

4/. Occasionally change your normal playing style. i.e. mix in some drop shots, chip and charge, a big return against a big
serve,  the unexpected sneak to the net.

In all of this you must be realistic, it would not be sensible to try and out serve Pete Sampras or out hit Boris Becker.  Many
better players have tried this and lost every time.

There is one element that will definately help you to win more points and that is consistency. This does not just mean keeping
the ball in play it is essential to work yourself into a situation where you can put that bit of extra effort to win those vital points.

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