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Control the centre of the court?.


In the modern game of big forehands, by controlling the centre of the court is the key to winning.

The tactic we are looking at is the player establishing a dominant position in the centre of the court and making the opponent run from sideline to sideline.

Club level players used to be able to hit five controlled balls deep down the middle of the court and to win the point. But, as you move up in skill levels
in the modern game, that is less likely and impossible in the pro game, especially with all the big forehands now predominant in the game.

Controlling the centre of the court enables the player to to keep their own shots going out to the court corners.  It is essential to make the opponent do
all the running and to keep your own down to a minimum. The object in today’s baseline rallies is to dictate the point with your own forehand; get into
a position so that you can hit inside-out forehands to your opponent’s backhand, draw the player out wide and finish the duel with a hit to the open court

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