Article  DT201                                                                                                                                                                                                           

How to open up the middle of the court in doubles.

It is especially frustrating to a doubles team when the opponents hit a good shot down the middle of the court.
The receiving pair have very little chance to achieve a decent volley back.

To sent up the shot down the middle, keep your opponents honest by hitting some good shots down the line;
this can be either with a return of serve or a volley. This will force them to cover their lines and particularly at
club level where players do not move side to side in tandem, there will often be a large gap down the centre of
the court. Once your opponents start edging out to the tramlines there is a great chance to drive a ball down
the middle.

If you and your partner get stuck at the back of the court going down the centre can be a good play, because
even if you have not split them there is an air of uncertainty, there is little angle available and they have to volley
the ball up. This could well open up the sidelines for your next shot.

Once you get your opponents to the net, there are two lob options available, the fist is straight down the middle
but by far the best option is a deep lob to the advantage corner.