Can you learn to play tennis from a book.!

Let me start by saying, you will get on quicker by having coaching lessons with a good professional trainer.

However, there is every possibility to learn to play tennis, from a well written instruction manual, prepared by a professional tennis

It is true to say, that every sport can be attempted and if you have flare and are dedicated to learning, that you can participate in that
sport, but there is still the need to be able to perform correctly, to get anywhere in that sport.

Most sports have a technical issue and that is ther difference between just participating and competing. As an example practically
everyone can go out and run, but if you want to compete against other runners, then you will need to find out the finer, technical
points of running. This goes without saying, in practically all sports.

There is a particular problem for beginners, in learning to play tennis, without any kind of instruction, and this is the frustration of
trying to hit the ball and trying to send it where you want to, in the first instance. Two people decide to go to the tennis court, they
each have a racquet and a couple of balls. They stand at the far end of the court (near the base line) and attempt to hit the ball to one
another as the pros do! They quickly find out that they are constantly having to go to pick the ball up and very seldom get the chance
to return a ball, they get frustrated with each other, and that probably ends their foray into tennis.

Fortunately, tennis can be broken down into individual parts, and this is the beauty of the system developed by Dennis Van de Meer
and taught by all professionals of the P.T.R. (Professional Tennis Registery the largest international coaches association) This therefore
lends itself to being written into an easy to follow instruction book.

But do not believe that you can go out for a week and learn to play tennis, as some books have suggested, in the past. To follow a
course that I am suggesting, will take time and perseverance; it is essential to follow the instructions very carefully and to keep going
over the training points, to ensure they are done correctly. To develop bad habits at this stage means they will be difficult to eradicate

At the end of 3 to 6 months, providing you learn at least once a week and practice once a week, you should be ready to play a game of
tennis, then if you are hooked on tennis, I would recommend a few lessons with a good tennis coach and why not join a tennis club. Once
you can play, there is nothing that will improve your game faster, than playing with others at a club. You could be hooked for life, and
you will never regret it.

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