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The Return of Serve.

After the serve, the return of serve is the next most important shot. If you fail to return the ball, it is the same as serving a double fault.

Just as your opponent must get the ball into the box to start the point, you must also get the return back to start the point.

Watch the ball as it leaves the serverís hand and at that stage do your split spring in order to get to the ball in time. Position yourself
to cover all eventualities. Experiment to find the best position to cover the ball down the middle and also the ball out wide.

Quickly access how good a server is your opponent. If they have a weak serve, move into the court, if they have a fast serve, be ready
to block the ball back (no time for a swing on a fast ball)

To start with, just concentrate on getting the ball back into play, otherwise you are not even in the point. Turn your shoulder early, as
soon as you know which side the ball is going. Do not panic on your returns, shorten your backswing and keep a nice smooth movement.

Against a serve and volleyer return low and short (preferably at their feet). Against someone who stays back return deep and slightly

Try to win the first point in every game, it will give you an edge, concentrate on one point at a time.