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SHORT TIPS               -      Volley

                                                                   Make your legs work on the Volley.

The volley can be one of the easiest shots in tennis because you don’t want a lot of movement (swinging) of the racquet. You want very little back
swing and try to ‘squeeze and freeze’ on contact.

However your legs need to keep moving.  They help set up for the ball and a cross step right before contact is an excellent power source. So keep
your feet moving to help make the volley an easy shot.

Who takes the ball down the middle?

When all four players are at the net in doubles, who should cover the shot down the middle?

There is often confusion about this, so here is a foolproof solution:

The player who is diagonally opposite the opponent hitting the ball should cover the middle..

This basic strategy makes it easier to cover the middle for several reasons.

1.,      The player will most likely have an easier time reaching the ball which will be coming slightly cross court.

2/.      It frees up the other partner to cover the alley, in case the opponent decides to hit down the line.

3/.      If the opponent decides to do a sharply angled volley crosscourt, you will simply have to step forward to cut it off.

Naturally, there may be instances when this strategy may not work, such as if the opponent hits a weak shot. Then it may be easier for the other player
to step in and hit the ball for a winner.

But we have our basic strategy and can allow for variations as they arise.

The High Volley – Don’t assume it is easy.

Often players look at a high volley and think it’s a gift, and that’s when they blow it.

Do not believe that any volley is simple, because you might well become casual. Treat every volley as though you want to
win the point.

First you must prepare well, keep the backswing short and compact, with the racquet head up and the racquet face behind
the ball. A good volleyer stays on the ball all of the time with eyes focused right through the shot.

Believe – every volley is important.

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