Article  TC101                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Controlling the centre of the court is the key to winning more points.

The winner of a match usually is the player who can establish a dominant position in the centre and makes
their opponent do all of the running from one side to the other.

With the heavy forehands players are able to develop – even at club level it is no longer a winning situation
to just keep the ball flowing down the middle of the court.

Controlling the centre of the court means keeping your own shots out of the centre. Baseliners with powerful
shots are at their most dangerous when you give them ample time to set up. They will make you do all of the
running and you will find you are losing more of the points as a result.

It is important to learn how to hit your crosscourt backhands deep and wide when rallying; whenever possible
it is an advantage to step round your backhand and hit forehands to get them out of the centre but if doing an
inside-out shot, it must be good, otherwise you are presenting a wide open court.

The objective in today’s baseline rallies is to dictate the point with the forehand, the goal is to get into position
to be able to hit the inside-out forehand.

Practice moving your opponent around the court also thinking about wrong footing them at the crucial time.