Running a Club Tournament
                             All the information needed torun a successful club tournament.

                              Click here for details/forms etc.

Running a Compass Tournament
                                    Everyone ends up in a final and they all play the same number of games
                                     No leaving the tournament after the first round.

                                     Instructions and forms here

L.T.A. Competitions.
                                    All the details on competitionorganised by the LTA.

                                    Directly to the L.T.A. Site

Organising a Tournament
                                    Running an American type tournament, all the rotations for singles,
                                    Doubles and Mixed doubles changing partners. Also Round Robin events.

                                     This takes you to the book.

Grand Slams 2011
                                    Link to the various tournaments on the tennis calender

                                    Click here

For the rules of tennis and also a tennis match score sheet go to the ‘’Clubs’’ links