Drill book for coaches or players
                             Never be short of ideas for your tennis lessons
                              Over 250 fun games, serious drills, pressure play etc.

                              The Drill book is available here

If you want more Drills and Games
                             Practically any drill or game you would ever need, plus help
                              Sheets to hand to your students. All categorised by stroke etc

                              This is a low cost members site.

Flashcards of Drills to carry about.
                              Download flash cards in pdf. format.  Carry them in your
                               tennis bag and never be short of ideas.

                              You can get the flashcards here.

Ladder Drills.       Have you tried these with your students? They are fun and
                               excellent for their footwork. You do not need a power ladder
                              to perform these - lay down lines are more than suitable.

                              Ladder drills are here.

Fitness Facts for everyone

                              Learn what it’s all about.

Fitness on the Tennis Court
                              Exercises suitable for practicing on court.

                              On Court Fitness Training

Argentina Drills
                              Drills used regularly by the top players in Argentina.
                               Drills from Leo Alonso  -  PTR Master Professional

                              Go and see them here.