Stretching                  Fleibility and stretching - the latest information on this important area.
                                  When and how to stretch.

                                  Most important to take this in.

Fitness Facts.            It’s important to exercise regularly - all about general fitness.
                                  Includes some ladder drills.

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Fitness on Court        On court fitness including warm-up and fitness drills.

                                  Not to be missed fitness.

Get fit for Tennis

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Dynabands                I have used chest expanders all my life and now they are available as bands.
                                 You can get these from me in different strengths with full instructions.
                                 Ideal to carry in your tennis bag for use at any time.
                                 You will find an order form emclosed.

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Circuit Training

                                  Together with suitable exercises    

Get fit in 10 minutes per day

                                  A unique traing schedule   


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